When it comes to wearing nightdresses, we have always had many myths revolving around this topic. In this article, we are going to talk at length about the same.

1 – Nightwear should be white

Who decides what color night dresses we wear. There are no hard and fast rules about what color the nightdress should be. It totally depends on one’s preference. White is a more clean color but other than that any light color is equally acceptable.

2 – Nighties are a taboo

Traditionally nighties in the Indian culture were not very much accepted. Especially because nighties are considered boudoir attire and not very suitable to wear in a joint family. But times have changed now and the families have become smaller. Therefore, nighties are very much wearable when you stay with your bae.

3 – Undergarments are a must

This point right here is not a mandate. Most nightdresses these days come with built-in undergarments. There is no need for extra undergarments to be worn underneath the nightdress.

4 – You can’t wear a nightdress during the day

This is an old-time belief among traditionalists. There is no such thing as unwearable night dresses during the day. Nowadays, nightdresses are made both functional and comfortable.

Nightdresses these days are a great way of slipping into something comfortable and sensual at the same time.