What do women today are more inclined towards when it comes to fashion? Sustainability or functionality? Taking the liberty to speak on behalf of the majority of Indian women, I would like to bring to light the conflict that most women struggle with on an everyday basis.

What to wear?”

It is an important question.

Historically speaking, it has always been on the shoulder of women that the burden of preserving our culture lies heavy. The sartorial choice a woman makes has its roots in the age-old conditioning that women have to put up with and expectations of the society they have to live up to.

Functionality or sustainability

So, what does a woman do? Make wardrobe choices that their heart wants or go with what is only acceptable by society?

With times changing at a pace like never before, the fashion industry is also evolving to suit the style of the ‘modern women’. Today, we can choose both functional as well as sustainable clothing.

The cult of saree

Saree is one such Indian attire that is not just a piece of clothing but an emotion. The cult of saree is celebrated not just in India anymore but also in the west. It is often seen Bollywood actresses garb a saree in innumerable ways, sometimes traditional and sometimes in the most unconventional manner. One such actress who never fails to flaunt a saree by draping it in unique ways is Sonam Kapoor.

On various occasions, the world has witnessed international celebrities from Tennis player Anna Kournikova to model Naomi Campbell to actress Cameron Diaz don a saree and take everyone by awe.

Evolution of saree

Today Saree has evolved to suit the convenience and fast-paced life of women. Especially the indo-western fusion has taken the fashion industry by storm. The Northeast of India is known as the hub of unique fashion and the women from this region are known to have a signature and very original sense of fashion. Women are emulating the style of garbing indo-western sarees and it is like reconciling between two opposites; one functionality and two sustainability.

Indo-western sarees capture the beauty of both the worlds and make it easier for women to bring in practicality in fashion. Northeastern women in India are breaking away from shackles of set clothing norms by wearing clothing of their culture but mixing it with convenience and comfort.

Gone are the days when you drape a saree securing with safety pins, gone are the days when such pieces of clothing restricted your movements. Now women just put on indo-western sarees and get forever ready to take down the world.