Mother Daughter Dresses

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Mother is said to be daughter's best and lifetime friend. Daughter is always a mirror image of her mother and mother always sees her younger self in her daughter. It has been a trend since last few years to dress up look a like for a mother and daughter. Its fun to match with a daughter and same for the mother. Be it wearing same lehenga choli or gown for mother and daughter to match colors and embroidery for younger bridesmaid, the fun starts when younger princess looks like a million bucks. We have a large collection of mother and daughter pair same outfits. Take advantage of it and get the designer look for you and your daughters at the next event of festivals.

We have a wide range of products which include Customized Combo dresses, Mother Daughter Combo Dress, Partywear Lehengas, Customized Combo Dresses, Mother Daughter Matching Dress and Family Combo Dress. Also all type of customized dresses are available for plus sizes. Please contact us for further information.

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